Most Popular Fruits in the US versus China

Admittedly, I could find very little clearly-written articles and, when I could find one, I could not find two that clearly said the same thing. It’s all I could do to try and stay away from the “Most popular fruits you can only get in X” articles. I just wanted to know which fruits Americans were likely to always have in their house versus the fruit likely to be in a Chinese or Japanese house and for the article to have some sense of authenticity. Japan didn’t have numbers that were easily found, so I settled for just China.

US: Bananas
China: Oranges (followed by lemons, honey mangoes, and bananas)

I also happened upon this interesting article with pictures of the world’s most expensive fruits (usually because of shapes that have been imposed on the fruit while growing):


What Fresh Fruit Do Americans Eat the Most?
30 Best Fruits Native to Southern Part of China

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