Does the US President Have a Boat?

There used to be. The presidential yacht:



  • The callsign of a civil (non-governmental) vehicle/craft carrying the president is “Executive One”.
  • The 89th Airlift Wing is in charge of the logistics of the movement of senior government staff (including the president).
  • As the vehicles are prefixed with the name of the branch of the military that operates them (e.g. Marine One is a Marines-operated craft).
  • Nelson Rockefeller (yes.. those Rockefellers) was the Vice President for Gerald Ford.
  • There is precedent for US presidents to travel on a commercial aircraft flying on a public schedule: In 1973, to “set an example for the rest of the nation during the current energy crisis” and to “demonstrate his confidence in the airlines”, then-President Richard Nixon became the only sitting president to travel on a regularly scheduled commercial airline flight when he flew on a United Airlines DC-10 from Washington Dulles International Airport to Los Angeles International Airport.

Transportation of the President of the United States

Executive One

89th Airlift Wing


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