How Do You Disinfect Colored Laundry?

The short answer is:

  • using hydrogen peroxide
  • using vinegar
  • using Pine Sol

Alternatively, another article mentions the following (but completely omits hydrogen peroxide and vinegar):

  • pine-oil disinfectants (e.g Pine Sol)
  • phenolic disinfectants
  • liquid chlorine disinfectants (e.g. in the Clorox family)
  • quaternary disinfectants (e.g. Lysol, in the Clorox family)

The second article mentions that oxygen-based cleaners will not disinfect. It also mentions how to kill a list of different types of bacteria/viruses (yes, “viruses” not “virii”), including AIDs.


The featured picture is of a house at the Dubai Miracle Gardens. I am sure there is laundry somewhere in it.

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