What is the Most Recently Discovered Fruit?

It looks like a new kind of coffee plant (which will produce fruit called “coffee cherries” which, in this case, are heart-shaped) was announced in 2016 out of Maui:

There was also a large, sweet, yellow fruit discovered in India in 2013. The article doesn’t specifically name it.

There is also a cool article on how several fruits looked/tasted prior to domestication. For example, this is the wild carrot:


Another article shows an annual top-ten list of new species (in general; not fruit/vegetable/produce specific) from a past year, among which includes…

A type of [angry-looking] raccoon:

Meet the newest species of mammal known to science, the olinguito. This member of the raccoon family made the top 10 newly named species list, compiled annually by the International Institute for Species Exploration. Click through to see the rest.

An ice anemone (the only one known) found in Antarctica:

The Edwardsiella andrillae was discovered by scientists in  Antarctica. They're the only known species of sea anemones to live in ice.

A wicked-looking shrimp (only a couple of millimeters long):

Translucent and tiny, the skeleton shrimp (or Liropus minusculus) was discovered in a cave on Santa Catalina, an island off the coast of Southern California.

A small, cool-looking, nocturnal lizard in Australia:

Saltuarius eximius was discovered in an isolated rainforest in eastern Australia. At about only 4 inches long and mostly nocturnal, you might not see one anytime soon.

A “fairyfly” (a type of wasp):

Don't let the name fool you -- while Tinkerbella nana evokes images of Peter Pan's angelic fairy friend, this tiny species, found in rainforests of Costa Rica, is the newest member of the wasp family.

A very cool-looking blind translucent snail:

The nearly translucent Zospeum tholussum is pretty good at getting around despite its lack of eyes. Scientists believe it may cruise water currents or hitch rides on bats or crickets to get where it's going.


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